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17 Best Boy Birthday Party Themes!

Budgie’s first birthday is coming up.  I know, where does the time go?  He’s so big now, and I really mean big.  He’s off the charts.  He started wearing 18-24 month clothes at 9 months.  I’m hoping he can stay in those until he’s 1.  Yeah, a 12-month-old wearing 24-month clothes.  2T clothes.  Toddler clothes.

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out what to do about his first birthday party.  We usually go big for number one and then wait until they get a bit older before we do big themes again.

I tried thinking of themes based on what he loves.  Like for his big sister, she loved Cheerios, so I did a Cheerios themed party.  But Budgie will eat anything, play with anything, do anything.  He’s pretty chill.  He kind of goes with whatever his sister wants, so no clear favorites have emerged yet.

I hit Pinterest, one of the best resources for ideas.  A simple search for “boy birthday party ideas” presents a bewildering array of ideas.  So many ideas.  I knew I didn’t want a theme that was a fad, like a current TV show or movie.  I want something a little more timeless.

I built a Pinterest board with these ideas.  (Follow me while you’re there!)  But if you’re not on Pinterest, you can check out the ideas below!  These are classic ideas, with only two movies represented in the themes.  (But these movies are, IMHO, super classic!)  I also have a few gender-neutral themes, such as Art and Backyard Carnival.  Enjoy!

17 Best Birthday Party Themes for Boys

The theme I chose was….

doctor themed partyDoctor/Hospital theme by me (WellRoundedMom)

But these awesome themes get honorable mention.  They look like so much fun!

Backyard carnival birthday party theme Backyard Carnival theme by

construction birthday party theme boyConstruction theme by

dinosaur birthday party theme boyDinosaur theme by
star wars birthday party theme boyStar Wars theme by

baseball birthday party theme boyBaseball theme by

bugs birthday party theme boyBugs theme by

dr seuss birthday party theme boyDr. Seuss theme by

camping birthday party theme boyCamping theme by

nerf birthday party theme boy uniqueNerf theme by

lego birthday party theme boy uniqueLego theme by

pirate birthday party theme boyPirate theme by

moustache birthday party theme boyLittle Man Moustache theme by

beach birthday party theme boyPool/Beach theme by

art birthday party theme boyArt theme by

paper airplane birthday party theme boyPaper Airplane theme by

Ghostbusters birthday party theme boyGhostbusters theme by

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