Black Friday deals to get the coolest Alexa products!

Black Friday 2017 with Amazon’s Alexa (and a Coupon Code for When It’s Not Black Friday)

I have a series of posts extolling the virtues of Amazon’s Alexa-enabled products (and the smart home toys & tools that work with them). But getting started with Alexa can be kind of expensive. You need at least one Alexa-enabled device and you may want to add some smart home devices to it. It gets pricey.

Luckily, Amazon has a bunch of these items on sale for Black Friday. Here’s the breakdown of where to find the great deals this Black Friday.

Alexa Devices:

The Echo Dot, normally 49.99 will only be $30 on Black Friday. This is a great device for someone just starting out with Alexa, since it’s very affordable, yet still has access to all the great skills and Alexa’s fun tools. The only downside of this small device is that the speaker is kind of lacking. So if you’re a Amazon music user, check out the Echo or Echo Plus.

The Echo is normally $100, but will be on Black Friday sale for $80. If a killer speaker is an important feature to you, this is your product. Listen to your Amazon Music with a great, compact speaker. (The kids will also love listening to clear-as-a-bell farts from the skill ForAFart!)

The Echo Plus is normally $150, but on Black Friday, it’ll be $120. What differentiates this from the regular Echo? It has a built in hub, which is required for some smart home devices. If you think you might expand your smart home to include smart door locks or certain other smart home devices, this will have all the required stuff built in. Not all smart home devices require a hub, but if you’re “I’d rather be prepared” kind of shopper, this is your devices.

Smart Home Devices

If you’re purchasing any of the above Alexa products, you can add smart plugs for $5. Amazon hasn’t announced officially which smart home plugs are eligible for this promotion, so I’m linking one I like. Smart plugs are great for devices you can set to always-on, like lamps, nightlights, radios, etc. I have some built-in display lighting on a shelf that displays my husband’s antique radios, and I’d love to have a smart plug that’ll automatically turn the lighting on when it gets dark. (Some apps have a “sunset on” option!)

Schlage locks will also be on sale, where you can save up to $40 on a smart lock. Amazon hasn’t announced which models will be eligible for how much of a discount yet. I would love to have a smart lock; I could lock the door from bed if I forget. Or when family gets into town, I can set a password for the to unlock the door, or I can unlock it remotely if I’m not home.

A coupon code to save when it’s not Black Friday

I’ve previously reviews how much I like the Yeelight bulb. They’ve come out with an LED light strip and they’re offering a coupon code for my readers who are interested in saving a few bucks! Use the coupon code GGGVA2P8.

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