You Did It Again, Black-ish. Thank you.

How Black-ish Got Postpartum Depression SOOO Right It’s not every day that you find a comedy that tackles real issues.  A comedy that delicately walks the line between gut-busting laughter and tear-wiping honesty.  Black-ish did it for their c-section episode, and they did it again today. For those who don’t regularly watch or missed tonight’s […]

Cam Newton Disrespected Half the Country: Where’s the Boycott?

Yesterday, Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton, held a press conference as many quarterbacks do before the weekend game.  While taking questions, a female reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue, asked him a well-crafted question about routes. His response?  “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.”  He smiles, laughs and repeats, “It’s funny.” Only after patronizing her […]

Having Fun with Alexa: The Silliest Easter Eggs with Amazon’s Alexa

Believe it or not, Alexa knows how to be silly. (Well, her programmers do.) These silly easter eggs are perfect for little kids who just want to talk to Alexa and hear her respond. My daughter is particularly fond of the “Simon Says” command. She likes making Alexa say things like, “I am a silly, […]

Around the House with Alexa: The Handiest Easter Eggs with Amazon’s Alexa

“Alexa, turn on the living room light.” I have two Alexa-enabled light bulbs, the ALLOMN Wifi Smart Bulb and the Wi-Fi Smart LED Bulb by Tastech.  I opted for these bulbs because they’re inexpensive, colored, and Alexa-enabled.  They’re passable, functionable bulbs.  They can be a variety of colors and are dimmable.  Alexa knows how to […]

Make a custom vase using spray paint, tape, and a vase from the dollar store

Dollar Store Vase Hack: Simple Stripes

About a week ago, my priest asked me if my husband and I would run a breakfast & silent auction fundraiser for our church. My husband, the chef, is exceedingly capable of running the breakfast part; he works in for an award-winning college dining services program, which includes time running the cafeteria. He can clearly […]