Easy Peppermint Spritz Cookies

A few years back, I went on a peppermint binge for Christmas. I made peppermint rock candy, peppermint sugar cookies (with peppermint frosting), mint cheesecake, and peppermint spritz cookies. While everything turned out great, the biggest hit was the spritz cookies. They’ve become an annual tradition. These minty bites are my trademark Christmas treat. For […]

How I used Shipt to get dinner on the table from Meijer

Getting Fed on a Fed Up Day

Yesterday sucked.  Top to bottom, the day was a beast.  Let’s start at the top, shall we?  Keep in mind that Budgie is getting his one-year molars and is absolutely miserable about the experience.  There was a constant ebb and flow of him crying, moaning, and generally fussing about his mouth.  If you had a […]