Make a custom vase using spray paint, tape, and a vase from the dollar store

Dollar Store Vase Hack: Simple Stripes

About a week ago, my priest asked me if my husband and I would run a breakfast & silent auction fundraiser for our church. My husband, the chef, is exceedingly capable of running the breakfast part; he works in for an award-winning college dining services program, which includes time running the cafeteria. He can clearly run a pancake and porkie breakfast.

The silent auction will be my domain. We wanted to do something different, something beyond the traditional gift baskets donated by local businesses. We ask a lot of them throughout the year, so we wanted to look for something new. We came up with the idea of a crafters silent auction. What if the items to be auctioned off were crafts made by our parishioners? Crafters love sharing their wares, and people love one-of-a-kind handmade items. I’m still going to ask some local businesses for gift cards or small donations to supplement the items to make baskets, but there’s much less emphasis on donations. For example, I’m going to ask a local florist for a donation to supplement the vases I made for this post.

As a crafter myself, I knew I would be able to donate a few items.  As a blogger, I knew I could kill two birds with one stone and blog about how I made each of these crafts.

We’re on limited funds in my household; I’m still looking for work, after all.  So I wanted to make crafts that don’t require a lot of cost up front.  I already had some of the supplies for this project, so it was a no brainer.  Plus, the vases look super cool.  A perfect complement for a gift card from a florist!


  • Inexpensive vase; preferably one that is a straight cylinder, without any bulbous curves
  • Painters (masking) tape.  Use the good stuff; cheap tape will bleed through
  • Spray paint or spray glitter
  • Clear spray paint/spray glaze (if using glitter)
  • Old newspaper or coffee filters to protect the inside of the vase
  • Something to protect the surface from spray paint (newspaper, trash bag, old table cloth)

DirectionsThe steps for making Dollar Store painted vases

  1. Protect your surface.  Lay down whatever you are using to protect your surface from spray paint.  That inexpensive Dollar Store vase will cost a lot more than a dollar if you wreck your table.  Also, as with any spray paint project, do this in a well-ventilated area.  I did mine on my patio table in the backyard.
  2. Protect the inside of the vase.  Part of the visual appeal of this project is the clear stripes; the stripes won’t be clear if spray paint gets inside the vase.  You can either stuff lots of newspaper inside, or you can use a few coffee filters.  We have some laying around because we use a Keurig and had them before we switched.  To do this, tape around the inside edge of the vase with painters tape, making a precise edge.  Then, place the coffee filters inside and tape them to the taped edge.  It’s hard to get a precise edge when working with the filters, that’s why I suggest making the clean edge first.
  3. Tape your pattern.  I did one with unevenly spaced horizontal stripes and one with a spiraled pattern.  You can be as even and precise or as uneven as you want.  It’s easier to be uneven, obviously, but still try to keep it looking cohesive.  If you’re doing spirals, try to keep the spirals at about the same angle as they wrap around.  Remember, the tape will be where it is clear on the final product.
  4. Spray!  Now’s the fun part: spray painting!  Keep the nozzle about one foot away from the vase and keep constant motion to get an even coating.  Depending on the spray paint, you may only need one coat.  I recommend 2 light coats; you’ll end up with a much more even look.  Glitter will take more coats to get a full, saturated look.  If you’re using glitter, seal the glitter with a clear glaze.  I like the Rust-Oleum Triple Thick Glaze; it gives a smooth, shiny finish.  You will probably needs two coats of this.  You want to seal the glitter so it doesn’t come off in your hands each time you touch the vase.  Allow to dry fully between coats.
  5. Remove the tape.  You’re done!  It’s that simple!  Now you have awesome, unique vases that custom complement your decor.

Enjoy your custom vases!  Isn’t it nice to take some leftover spray paint and something inexpensive and turn it into something beautiful?  I think so!


This post contains an affiliate link for the spray paint.  Purchasing through the link will not cost you anything extra and I receive a small commission for it.  Thanks!

Dollar Store vase hack: make fabulous stripes easily!

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