How I used Shipt to get dinner on the table from Meijer

Getting Fed on a Fed Up Day

Yesterday sucked.  Top to bottom, the day was a beast.  Let’s start at the top, shall we?  Keep in mind that Budgie is getting his one-year molars and is absolutely miserable about the experience.  There was a constant ebb and flow of him crying, moaning, and generally fussing about his mouth.  If you had a white noise machine from Hell, this would be one of the settings.

First, Binnybeans wet the bed.  She’s only 4, and that happens sometimes.  But she really wet it.  It somehow went through the mattress protector we have over the mattress.  So I strip the bed and throw the sheet and mattress protector in the wash.  It won’t be dry by naptime since we’re heading to church, but we’ll lay a blanket over the exposed mattress and she’ll be fine.

Then, my daughter didn’t want to wear her dress to church.  She wanted to wear her swimsuit.  Normally, I’m all about letting Binnybeans pick out her clothes, but there are certain lines I don’t cross.  One of them is wearing, basically, underwear at church.  I offered to let her wear the swimsuit under whatever clothes she wanted.  Nope.

At church (yes, she was dressed appropriately), Binnybeans had a complete meltdown.  What caused her meltdown?  I harshly whispered at her when she lifted my shirt up while I was holding the baby.  Yes, she made me flash the priest.  The grandfatherly Father Jim may now be aware that I still wear my nursing bra long after I finished nursing.  I handed Budgie off to my husband while I took her outside and tried to talk some sense into her.  After about 20 minutes of scolding, talking, pleading, praying, and a trip to the bubbler to calm down, we made it back into church.  At least I didn’t have to deal with trying to look busy to avoid eye contact during the homily.  I am not proud of what is under my shirt.

Then, she threw a fit about her lunch, so we sent her to her room.  We were done with her.  Maybe a nap and some downtime in her room would hit the reset button on her horrible attitude.  For about a half hour, we had some peace while Budgie slept and Binnybeans was quietly tucked in her room.  I spent that half hour cleaning.

My husband went upstairs to check on Binnybeans to see if she was sleeping or playing, and what he found set the tone for the rest of the evening.  She found a random dry-erase marker in her room and colored.  Not on paper.  Not on a dry-erase board.  Not even on the easy-to-clean, kid-friendly paint we have in her room.  No, she colored on her exposed mattress.  And herself.  How the heck do you clean dry erase marker out of a mattress?  We tried scrubbing with laundry detergent in hot water, a paste made of OxyClean, even Resolve.  None of it really worked.  As a last resort, my husband tried nail polish remover.  It worked, but as you know, it smells sooooo bad.  He was quickly going through the only bottle in the house.

I still needed to get groceries, but I was stuck.  I didn’t want to put the kids in the room with my husband while he huffed nail polish remover, but he had so much to clean up that I didn’t want to force him to take an hour long break (at least) while I drove to the store and did my shopping.  Plus, at this point, I didn’t have time to run before I needed to get dinner started.  And Binnybeans needed a shower to get all of that marker off.

So I used Shipt for the first time.  Our local Meijer store partnered with Shipt to deliver groceries on demand.  As a stay-at-home-mom, I’m not always brave enough to drag my two kids to the store, and I when my husband’s home, I’m usually trying to get other work done (like what you’re reading right now.)  I signed up using a promo code, so I got a discount on my monthly membership while I try it out.

Anyway, I brought up the app on my phone.  They have it broken down into categories, and they also have promotions.  (One that was running yesterday was $4 off my next purchase if I spent $20 or more on various Birdseye products.)  So while I watched Budgie play and Binnybeans clean up toys, I built my grocery list.  The categories are logical and easy to navigate.  However, there is no way to sort the contents of each category; there’s no price low-high sort or a filter by brand or flavor kind of option.  I hope that is coming in the future, but for now I made do.

As long as I ordered $35 worth of groceries, delivery would be free.  I easily hit that total with my necessities (including some chocolate because yesterday, that was a necessity).  I also selected a one-hour delivery window.  Shortly after placing the order, I got a text from Darien, my shopper, stating that he had started shopping for me.  A little while later, (while running Budgie’s favorite teething washcloth under the cold water), I got a text that something I had selected was not available in store.  We figured out a swap over text.  Soon after that, I got a text that he was on his way with my groceries.

At this point, Binnybeans was on strike because Budgie wanted to play with a toy she was trying to put away.  There was much screaming on her end, crying on his end, and me yelling over them just to be heard.  My husband’s high on nail polish remover, my kids were wailing, and I was shouting like a lunatic.  Great.  This is exactly what I want a stranger to see when he brings my groceries to the house.

I separated the kids just as I saw a man in a green shirt step out of a car in front of my house.  Yep, that’s my Shipt shopper.  We’ll pretend that we’re normal for the three minutes it takes for me to take the groceries from him.  I open the door for him, accept the groceries, and thank him.  I realize now I should have tipped him.  Thankfully, Shipt sent me a reminder after my delivery was confirmed.

He probably wasn’t even to the end of the block when our five-minute peace broke again.  But now I had some crackers for a teething baby, butter to finish dinner, and chocolate for my sanity.  ‘Cause they don’t deliver wine.  I checked.

So what do I think of Shipt?

Overall, I like it.  The prices aren’t the same as in the store (a smidge higher), but if you’re not ordering tons of groceries, it’s not bad.  Basically, you’re paying for convenience.  I’m not going to do all of my shopping exclusively through Shipt (sometimes Mama has to get out of the house!), but I will use keep using it.  It is very convenient, especially when I realize I’m missing half of the ingredients for the dinner my daughter is begging for.  Or when we’re out of the essentials and the baby’s sick.  Or when we spend the whole weekend gardening and enjoying the outdoors instead of running errands.  Or … or … or … I can think of a bunch of reasons to take advantage of the convenience.

If you want to sign up, you can sign up for Shipt through this link to get $10 off your first order.  It’s my “Invite Friends” link.  Once you sign up, you’ll get a link that you can share with your friends, too.  You’ll get another $10 off, and so will they.  Shipt isn’t everywhere yet, but they’re rapidly expanding.  So if they’re not in your area yet, check back.

So give them a try.  You can cancel your subscription any time.  But if you have a friend who delivers chocolate to you when you really need it, why would you want to end that?


This post is in NO WAY paid for or sponsored by Meijer or Shipt.  It is a completely honest, unpaid, customer review.  Aside from my “Invite Friends” link, I get nothing for this post.  These are my honest, unpaid opinions.  I do not speak for Meijer or Shipt, just for myself and my own experience.

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