Goat Cheese Caprese Bites

Goat Cheese Caprese Bites

goat cheese caprese bitesA little over a week ago, I had some friends over for a direct sales party.  (You know the type: a salesperson comes into your home and shows you their wares.  But it’s just a cover for kicking the boys out of the house and hanging with the girls.)  In a previous hangout with the girls, we talked about the hassles of make up and getting all gussied up to go out.  We just wanted to hang out in our jammies.  So I decided to have a pajama party themed get together.  And what goes better with pajamas than coffee?  Mimosas.  So I set up a mimosa bar.  (That post is coming soon, I promise!)

Mimosas are great.  Fabulous.  But I need something to soak up that bubbly booze if I don’t want to end up bombed by the end of the party.  I set out a few munchies, and one of them were my Goat Cheese Caprese Bites.

I love goat cheese almost as much as I love mimosas.  Rich, creamy, tangy, versatile… mmm.  I wanted to make this a bit fancier than just a hunk of goat cheese on a plate with some crackers.  To balance the richness of the cheese, I needed something acidic.  Maybe a couple acidic things.  Tomatoes and vinegar.  Boom.  I rounded out the flavor with the fresh, herbal qualities of a basil chiffonade.

I was in a hurry, trying to get everything out, so I took two shortcuts.  One: I bought the bread.  I bought a take-and-bake French baguette, and shortly before serving this up, I baked it.  Secondly, I didn’t reduce my own balsamic reduction.  I bought a balsamic glaze like the Alessi Balsamic Reduction on Amazon.

I got so many compliments on these, and they were so easy!  They can also be prepped up kind of early (not the-day-ahead early, but an hour or two early).  Even better: they could sit out at room temperature and be ok.

Enjoy these creamy bites of awesomeness!

Goat Cheese Caprese Bites


  • French baguette (Take-and-bake is fine!)
  • 2-4 ounces of goat cheese, preferably tomato basil flavored
  • Pint of grape or cherry tomatoes
  • 4-5 medium to large basil leaves
  • Balsamic reduction

If the baguette is a Take-and-bake, bake it according to the package instructions, but don’t over bake it.  If anything, under bake it by a minute or two.

Slice baguette on the bias.  Spread a the goat cheese on generously, so that the whole piece is covered.  Do not use too much, though.  Goat cheese is rich and a little goes a long way.  I used about 2 ounces, but I only used half the baguette.

Slice the tomatoes in half the long way.  Place them cut-side down on the goat cheese.  Chiffonade the basil, and top each piece of bread with a few ribbons of basil.

On a surface that isn’t the serving platter (another plate, cutting board, counter), drizzle the pieces with balsamic glaze.  Once the pieces have been drizzled, place on the serving plate.

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