IKEA hack Trones for kitchen

IKEA Hack: Trones

I love IKEA and it breaks my mommy heart that the nearest IKEA is over 3 hours away.  (But they’re building one near Milwaukee to be open next year!  Hooray!)  So when I make it to IKEA, I make the most of my time.  I try to visualize new and fun ways to use these inexpensive, ingenious items.

First, I need to maximize the space in my tiny kitchen.  I’m married to a chef, and he has A LOT of gadgets.  There just isn’t enough space in our kitchen for everything we use regularly, much less the things we don’t use regularly.

One thing we do have is a short, blank wall.  We put a kitchen cart against the wall for a little more storage and workspace, but when I looked at that blank white space, I knew I could add to it.  Shelves?  Pot hangers?  Nah, I wanted something a little more concealed than open shelves, and something closer to the wall than a pot hanging rack.
I found my answer at IKEA.  The TRONES unit is designed for shoe storage, but I hacked it.  They’re long and tall.  The don’t stick out from the wall too far.  They are perfect for long, narrow things.  Like all of the many kitchen spoons we own.  Seriously.  We own a lot.  Wooden, plastic, metal.  Slotted, solid, skimmers.  I mean, we own 5 different ladles that all have their own purpose.  I’m not kidding.

But the TRONES unit comes with 3 sections.  What would I do with the other 2?  Well, the top one is too high for casual access. (I need a stool to see inside.)  So I used it for something that takes up space, but I don’t need that often: light bulbs.  I used the other for measuring cups.  I don’t recommend using it for the measuring spoons; they’ll get lost in there.  But the cups are bulky and you can clear out a lot of drawer or cabinet space by storing them in the TRONES.

To make it match with my kitchen (which has chalkboard painted cabinets), I painted them with chalkboard paint and labeled them with chalk.  It also brings the chalkboard look around my whole kitchen and ties it all together.

We cleared out two drawers and part of a cabinet by adding the IKEA TRONES unit to some unused space on the wall.  Plus, I have a place to put all of my colored chalk for my chalkboards!  (And the requisite links to some chalkboard sign templates.)

I love this IKEA hack and I can’t wait until I can make another trip to IKEA for more inspiration!

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