How I used Shipt to get dinner on the table from Meijer

Getting Fed on a Fed Up Day

Yesterday sucked.  Top to bottom, the day was a beast.  Let’s start at the top, shall we?  Keep in mind that Budgie is getting his one-year molars and is absolutely miserable about the experience.  There was a constant ebb and flow of him crying, moaning, and generally fussing about his mouth.  If you had a […]

How to Make Custom Templates Using Only Microsoft Word

My last post talked about how to use a template for chalkboard art.  Well, how did I make that template?  Did I use fancy software to extract images or bend the letters?  Is template making something only professionals can do?  NOPE!  I’m going to show you how to make a template on Word.  Yep.  Using […]

It’s a start…

Well, this is where I start.  With a simple test blog that makes sure I’m not screwing this up too badly.  Er… being awesome at creating a blog.  Yeah, being awesome. I’m working on ironing out the layout, links, and, yes, advertising.  I’m running ads to help me make a little money for all the […]