Inexpensive Doily Art

I’m not skilled with a paint brush.  I mean, I can paint a room, and I can do some basic stuff, but I’m by no means an artiste.  However, I still know how to make a beautiful custom art piece on canvas.  And all you need is a canvas, a dollar store doily or two, spray paint, and some acrylic paint, and you can make a piece of art perfect for your space.

For your canvas, I suggest an 8×10 or 11×14 canvas, nothing too large or else the doilies won’t provide good coverage.  I like the stretched canvas, like the Darice style on Amazon.  (These can also be found at most craft stores.)

prep the canvas for art projectPrep the canvas with a base color that complements your color scheme.  For this one, I used black acrylic paint, mixed with a little red and blue to soften the color and add a hint of purple to the background.  If you don’t already have acrylic paints laying around, recommend this starter kit from Apple Barrel.  It has all of your basic colors, and you can customize your perfect color by blending the colors you have.  Don’t go crazy buying a new color every time!  Just mix and match!  I painted the canvas with the blended color and let it dry completely.

Overlapping doilies on doily spray paint artThen, once by background was set, I started spray painting.  Place the doily or doilies off center to create a fun pattern, then spray.  You can keep it simple; one generous layer of paint and one doily placement.  Or, you can make it more abstract by spraying lightly, letting it dry, then placing the doilies in another location and spraying again.  If you do multiple placements, make sure you spray lightly; heavy coats won’t blend well.  I used a few different colors to create dimension and visual interest; I used a hot pink, dark purple and a little silver.  To create even more visual interest, I lightly sprayed it with some Rustoleum glitter spray paint.  It comes in a wide variety of colors, from silver and gold to blue, white, even hot pink.

Once all the spraying is dry, I recommend sealing the art with either the Rustoleum Triple Thick Glaze, especially if you are using glitter.  If you don’t use any glitter, you can probably get away without sealing it.

Let it dry completely before displaying.  You can display it raw by hanging the canvas on a hook or nail.  Or, if you like a more finished look, you can frame a stretched canvas in a shadow box frame.  They are usually an inch or so deep, so you can usually fit the canvas between the front glass and back piece.  Just make sure your shadow box is deep enough for the canvas you bought!

Who knew that some leftover spray paint, a dollar store doily and a canvas could turn into something so cool?  I love inexpensive projects like this that turn into something fun.

I hope you enjoy this creative custom craft!  Feel free to share you success with us below!

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Make cheap custom artwork with dollar store doilies and spray paint

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    1. And you can do it with whatever colors tickle your fancy. I used leftover spray paint from painting my dayghter’s bed, so it matched perfectly!

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