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Must Have Mimosa Bar

Mmm mimosas.  Mmmmmimosas.  Oh, how do I love mimosas.  Part breakfast drink, part boozy bash with a dash of grown-up sophistication.  The only problem with them is that it’s hard to have just one.  Not because they’re an alcoholic version of Pringles, but because of the carbonation.  Once you pop that cork, it’s a ticking clock before the fizz flops and the bubbly becomes a bust.  So I try to find occasions to serve mimosas.  Share the bottle, save the bubbles.

I recently hosted a Pure Romance party (the direct sales party mentioned in the Goat Cheese Caprese Bites post) and I opted to have a pajama party theme.  It was the perfect opportunity to serve mimosas!  And who could say no to day drinking mimosas in their pajamas?

To keep the bottles chilled, I bought a simple bucket at Dollar Tree.  I wanted the keep the bubbly cold, but I didn’t want the bottles to drip water all over the table every time someone poured a drink.  I placed ice packs on the bottom of the bucket, then added ice.  As the ice melts, the water will gather at the bottom around the ice packs.  The bottles stay cold and the table cloth stays dry.

use a variety of sparkling winesBut I didn’t want to just put out a bottle of sparkling wine and a carton of OJ.  There are so many possibilities here!  Personally, I like a drier sparkling wine with orange juice or grapefruit juice.  But some people like sweeter wines, some people like sweeter juices.  And there is always the possibility of someone who doesn’t drink at all, or who only wants one, but doesn’t want to stop the fun.  So I put out 4 bottles: one dry (Brut), one sweet (Moscato), one flavored (peach), and a bottle of sparkling water.

Guava, orange, grapefruit, and peach juices for mimosa barNow, what to mix it with?  There’s the standard orange juice, but if we’re playing with bubblies, why not play with juices?  Grapefruit juice gives a nice tart bite for those who like sour.  I also like the way guava juice plays with the bubbles.  It’s tropical and sweet, but not too sweet.  And since I had peach flavored sparkling wine, I decided to round out the juice selection with peach nectar.  I like tart and dry: grapefruit and brut.  But there are soooo many more options!  To serve the juice, I found these adorable bottles at the Dollar Tree (at the same time as the bottles for my daughter’s mini milk bottles).  If you can’t find milk bottles, you can go with a simple cylindrical vase or a tapered vase.  There are always vases at the Dollar Tree.  I found the labels on clearance at JoAnn fabrics.  I love clearance.

So we have the basics for a mimosa bar: juice + bubbles.  But we need more.  We can’t day drink on an empty stomach.  Since mimosas and breakfast foods go together like kids and a messy house, I thought about how I could make breakfast foods into party foods.  First thought: silver dollar pancakes!  I garnished them with blueberries and skewered them with these 6 inch skewers.

To add a classy touch, I prepared a tray of garnishes for the mimosas.  (They came in handy when my awesome Pure Romance consultant, Heather, wanted a glass of water.  Mmm… strawberry orange water!)  I also served whipped cream filled strawberries and the aforementioned Goat Cheese Caprese Bites.  All in all, it was a great spread.  My friends loved them.

And I loved finishing up the remaining bubbly… er… cleaning up.  Yeah, that’s it.

So at your next brunch party, bridal shower, Pure Romance party, or even a Saturday when the kids are at Grandmas, rethink mimosas.  Make this awesome mimosa bar and have a bubbly good time!

Let me know what delicious combinations you made at your mimosa bar in the comments!  I can’t wait to hear from you!  Also, be sure to follow me on Pinterest for more awesome pins like this.


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