My Love-Hate Relationship with Amazon Prime Day

My Love-Hate Relationship with Prime Day

Oh, do I love a good deal.  I hate paying retail.  I love combining coupons to get stuff for practically free.  When I find out that a store has a customer rewards program, I’m practically begging them to type in my email address.  If I’m spending money, I want to get money back in return… or at least not have to spend as much.  (Honestly, that’s part of why I’m so damn obsessed with Meijer.  Their loyalty program is bonkers awesome.  But that’s for another time.)

My deal radar goes haywire on Amazon Prime Day.  It’s like everything I’ve been drooling over on Amazon is going on sale.  Amazon Echo?  On sale.  Kids books?  On sale.  Clothing?  On sale.  Solar lighting?  On sale.  Everything I want by don’t need seems to be on sale.  And that primal bargain-hunting part of my brain is just going ape for it.  It’s screaming, “BUY BUY BUY LADY!  Who knows when this shit will be this cheap again!  Treat yourself!  You deserve it!”

So I scroll through the deals, opening tab after tab with possibilities.  Should I buy the Elephant and Piggie book for my daughter who thinks pigs are “pink and perfect”?  It could be a birthday present.  What about the Amazon Echo Dot?  It’s only $35 today.  It would be so nice to be able to just ask it things, especially when my hands are full of baby, or I can’t get to my phone because I have a baby on me.  But I’m pretty sure my daughter would be asking Alexa the weirdest things… that could be fun.  Look!  There’s an Instant Pot!  And some great flashlights!  And… And… And…

… and I’m broke.  I’m struggling to scrape enough money together to pay for my daughter’s school clothes, or formula for my son.  I’m doing my coupon combining to pay for diapers and wipes and Desitin.  I can’t afford Alexa; I can barely afford Binnybeans and Budgie.  My bargain brain turns to anxiety awareness.  How will we keep afloat if I don’t find a job soon?  What are we going to do?  Open another credit card?  I can’t handle this.  I can’t do this.  I’m failing.

I put the feed down.  I take a few deep swigs of coffee and a few deep breaths.  I’ll figure this out.  In the meantime, I’ll use the Amazon gift cards I’ve earned through various rewards apps (iBotta, you’re my friend) and pick up a couple things.  I mean, I’ve been saving these gift cards for today, anyway.  So I get my daughter the Elephant and Piggie “I Really Like Slop!” book and we’ll pass on “I Love My New Toy.”  And I’m getting the Echo Dot I’ve been wanting since I knew they existed.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll keep track of the things my daughter asks Alexa and get a blog post out of it.  I can write that off as a business expense, right?  *wink*

Hopefully by next Prime Day, I’ll be gainfully employed.  I’ll gleefully scroll through the deals, drooling over the tasty deals… and scooping up some of the mega-deal morsels.  But for today, I’m going to put away the Prime and focus on building a better future for my family.  I’m going to work on expanding my blog.  I’m going to go through the local job boards.  And I’m going to focus on my kids.  Those little buggers I stress out over so much are also great at relieving stress.  Go figure.


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My Love-Hate Relationship with Amazon Prime Day

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